I’m a gift for life, not a present.

Every doggy like me, needs a loving owner just like you to help us through life. As dogs we have our own features and habits, but essentially we can live together! That’s what makes the bond between humans and dogs so special, we interact and offer one another so much in a two way process. … Read more

Christmas through the Eyes of Dream – Safe doggy Foods!

  Good morning everyone, what an amazing dream I had last night! In it, I could see all of my best friends who are all different dog breeds, and each so different in every way. My dream  was about a doggy event called “bark in the park” which I was at on a gorgeous sunny … Read more

Christmas through the eyes of Dream

The first 8 weeks in my life were critical, so my daddy tells me! My story started in Dublin City centre, where I was the last puppy born into a litter of ten. My mammy was a Staffy, and daddy was a Boxer breed.  We were all different colours, Josh my brother was brindle, Sally … Read more