Wonderful Westies

Westhighland Terrier Traits Very loyal and loving companions and family pets They are intelligent and love being in a home environment Westies are moderate shedders They are a nice size making them very adaptable to apartment living Westies are very playful by nature Factors to consider¬† Westies are known to like the sound of their … Read more

Schnauzers are Super

Miniature Schnauzer Highlights Miniature Schnauzers are extremely smart Very affectionate and loyal by nature They shed a minimally They are very playful and remain so well into their senior years Great around children of all ages Miniature Schnauzers make great watchdogs They don’t have that “doggy” smell about them Miniature Schnauzers are not too big … Read more

Lovely Labrador Retriever

Labrador Traits Reliable, trustworthy, the breed is well proven Labs make wonderful family pets and have an affinity with children Good natured and dependable Great around other dogs and animals because Labs are social by nature Always eager to please which makes Labs relatively easy to train Low maintenance on the grooming front Labs form … Read more

Pawsome Poodles

Poodle As Pets The word ‘Poodle’ usually conjures up an image of a pampered pet in peoples minds. In fact, the Poodle, a dog of many sizes being found in 3 sizes, the Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle, is often cited as being in the top 5 for intelligence in dog breeds and … Read more

Bouncy Boxers!

Best of Boxers! Wonderful personalities and natures Boxers are extremely affectionate and loving They are highly intelligent Boxers are incredibly playful and comical by nature with their silly dances They are very active and energetic which means they need loads of exercise They thrive on being with people and hate being on their own They … Read more