COVID-19 & Your Dog

The IKC wishes to keep its members  and the general dog owning public up to date with how the current current Corona virus pandemic may affect your dog . The positive  physical and mental health impact of owning a dog is well known. The release of endorphins and oxytocin as a result of petting or … Read more

English Bulldogs as Pets

  Whats best about this breed? Extremely loyal and good around children of all ages Highly adaptable, will happily live in an apartment or house providing they are given enough exercise Confident, easy-going dogs that seldom bark Not too demanding on the exercise front Has an easy maintenance coat Points to Consider Are prone to … Read more

Pets and hygiene tips for humans

The growing number of people who own dogs in Ireland that live to a ripe old age, makes it abundantly clear that owning a dog isn’t among the greatest of dangers or risks that you might knowingly let yourself in for! In reality owning a dog can be hugely beneficial for you, both physically and … Read more

World Pet Day – iRadio Feature

Louise spoke to Tim Kirby on World Pet Day

Horses & Coronavirus

There is currently no evidence to suggest that the Coronavirus can be transmitted from humans to pets and that companion animals can spread it. Reports from close to the epicentre in Hong Kong have confirmed this. Did Coronavirus originate in animals? The Coronaviruses can affect animals, however there are several strains only isolated in animals. … Read more

My Beautiful Prince was the “King of my Heart”

Years ago I had a rescue labrador red setter cross called Jake he was huge , full of energy , he pretty much disliked all men, but was manageable to a degree, we were a bonded couple …….. but that all changed when Prince came Into our lives Prince was beautiful a mostly white and … Read more