Crate Training or Not?

Samantha Rawson CAAB. The Canine College. In times past dogs were curtailed to the kitchen. Modern living seems to promote and favour open plan living, however this is not always conducive to the training and management of your family dog.  A house with doors and segregated areas make it much easier to control the movement … Read more

Love you to Death. How we hurt animals we cherish?

I must have been about four when we drove to buy a dog. The day is now only a haze of Sunday afternoon impressions of rain and green, of the muddy track somewhere in the Stirlingshire countryside, a room, a log fire, and the two chosen puppies who would be the confidants of my growing … Read more

Pets not Prescriptions

Now more so than ever, has the demand for pets increased. Primarily puppies and pet dogs, and this is a very interesting time in most societies when we look at some of the reasons why? Is it boredom, is it about having another project to focus on, or are we actually becoming as a society … Read more

Pause Dogs & Puppies

As time evolves, without a doubt we have all seen the importance of dogs and puppies in our lives increase. There is a greater human animal bond now more than we have ever seen in our civilisation. Is this down to the increased ‘humanisation” of pets, or has the advent of technology and the internet … Read more