Ireland’s most safe & trusted online pet sourcing platform

Veterinary Surgeon, Founder & Director: Dr. Tim Kirby MVBGpCert(EqP)MRCVS.

What Petbond™ Is?

Petbond is Ireland’s most safe & trusted online platform where anyone can source a happy & healthy pet. With peace of mind, you can safely choose from any of our PetBond approved breeder or rescue centre options. We are run by vets, who care.

Who Are We?

Petbond was founded and managed by Veterinary Surgeon, Founder & Director - Dr. Tim Kirby MVBGpCert(EqP)MRCVS.
Tim has one outlook – to improve animal welfare & allow you to peace of mind in finding your new pet.

Why We Started Petbond™?

Did you know that in this digital age, one in three of all pets sourced through other websites either die or become very ill during their first year of life - Most are never vaccinated nor clinically examined by a veterinary surgeon!

One third of new puppy owners who used other websites to find their new best friend, described the experience as being both emotionally & financially traumatic - Their lack of care costs you!

Industrial scale puppy farming is thriving in Ireland - Did you unknowingly source from one?

PetBond makes meeting your new "best friend" safe and easy. We are managed by team of experienced & caring vets, who ensure that all pets from our Approved Breeders & Registered Rescue Centres meet the highest health & welfare standards.

We Care about you & your pet, this is why we are very different.

What We Do?

At PetBond, you have the peace of mind in safely selecting a pet from
either our PetBond approved breeder or rescue centre options.

All pets are at least 8 week old, socialised, veterinary vaccinated and micro-chipped before they can be uploaded to our system.We want happy & healthy pets for life.

The Petbond team of vets then verify the accuracy & detail of such information, which ensures that only happily socialised & healthy vaccinated pets are featured. This ensures the health & welfare of advertised pets, and also safeguards you, as you search for your perfect new pet. Our team of experienced vets are here to support you before, during and after you find your furry friend.

We only work with safe, ethical and trusted breeders whom we individually know and have certified as Petbond approved breeders.

We also support registered animal rescue centres as we re-home as many pets as we possibly can. Every pet deserves a 2nd chance in life.

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