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Suzi Walsh

Suzi Dog Behaviourist holding a dog in her hands

Suzi is an expert dog behaviourist and dog trainer. Suzi grew up with a love of all animals. After leaving school Suzi attended University College Dublin to study Zoology. Following her honours degree she was accepted into Edinburgh University to study at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary and graduated with Masters in Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour.

On returning to Ireland Suzi began working for Dogs Trust Ireland while continuing her education in the area of dog training and behaviour. Following on from that Suzi began employment with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as a supervisor in Dublin and in 2010 qualified as a puppy trainer for Guide Dogs worldwide.

Suzi also worked with the veterinary department of Dublin Zoo on a nutritional research project for captive wild animals. Suzi then set up a dog training and daycare centre called Positive Dog Training in South Dublin where she co ran it for 5 successful years. Suzi left to pursue her love of dog behaviour and training.  

In 2009 Suzi was nominated for an Ireland Involved award for her extensive work with rescue dogs and was a runner up in the Animals and Environment category.

Suzi has attended numerous seminars on dog training and handling including those presented by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Kalnajs, Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Whitehead, Jim Crosby and Sarah Fisher. Suzi has also written many articles on dog training and welfare which have been published in newspapers and online resource websites.  Suzi has worked as a behaviourist on both TV, radio and has also worked training dogs in the film industry and as a professional behaviourist for Pedigree campaigns. 

Suzi has also given classes and lectures to other professionals and students in the field of animal behaviour. Most recently Suzi has guest lectured for several colleges in Dublin as well as compile and present a 6 week course on dog behaviour for mature students.

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Jim Stephens BAHons Msc.CABC

Jim Stephens Dog Behaviourist holding a dog in her hands

Jim is the Behaviour Consultant to the Irish Kennel Club and was the first person in Ireland to receive a Master of Science degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southhampton University, having undertaken research in canine-human relationships and the law in 1999.

Jim is a specialist in dog and cat behaviour problems; particularly children and dogs. Drawing on his previous experience as a Primary School teacher, Jim understands the scientific basis of dog training and has helped many people who have since gone on to become established dog trainers

Jim has run a behaviour clinic from Wenden Boarding Kennels, Dublin, for the last 20 years.  Taking veterinary referrals, Jim was the first behaviourist to be recognised by Allianz Pet Insurance for insurance claims. He has provided expert witness services to the District and High Courts for injury cases, neighbour disputes and employment cases involving companion animals.

Jim speaks regularly to dog breed clubs on behaviour and has provided talks and webinars on continued professional development for the veterinary industry and was a speaker at the Irish Veterinary Nurses Association first annual congress and the Irish Dog Groomers Association annual events.

Columnist and media commentator on animal matters, Jim is a regular contributor on behavioural concerns to dog magazine “Our Dogs Ireland”. He has made appearances on Irish National TV (RTE’s The Late Late Show, The Pat Kenny show, Nationwide, TV3 Morning show) and radio shows (RTE Pat Kenny, NewsTalk, Classic Hits Morning show). Jim has also provided free consultations and advice at the annual Pet Expo exhibition in Dublin.

Jim is author of IKC submission 2019 to the Irish government on the review of dog laws, including breed specific and muzzling legislation. He is Co-Author of the IKC/DSPCA joint submission on the review of the Dog Breeding Establishment Act on the control, licensing and welfare of commercial dog breeding.

Chair of the Irish Kennel Club Health and Welfare Committee, his current work includes: brachycephalic health testing, procedures for dual sire matings, introduction of breed/group specific temperament testing and harmonisation of different tests. Jim also provides guidance on the introduction of a Breeders Quality scheme to differentiate those IKC registered breeders that follow best practices.

Samantha Rawson, CAAB.

Samantha Rawson Dog Behaviourist holding a dog in her hands

After working as a professional dog minder for a couple of years, Samantha won a car and so set up her own company ‘Samantha’s Pet Care Services’ in 1993. As her business and dog handling skills grew, Samantha started to focus on dog training and behaviour.

Samantha trained under John Rogerson UK and studied with the University of Southampton. She was awarded a certificate in Applied Animal Behaviour in 2004, Certificate in Communication and Counselling Skills from NUI, Maynooth in 2007 and earned her Train the Trainer Certificate in 2018. 

Samantha is a regular contributor about dog training and behaviour on national radio including The Ray D’arcy Show on RTE Radio 1.

Samantha competes in three dog sports; obedience, agility, and working trials(canine equivalent to equine eventing). Her first rescue dog was Pele, who she met while on a three week residential dog training and behaviour course with John Rogerson in Battersea Dogs Home. ‘Battersea’s Best to Pele’ became an IKC Irish Working Trials Champion in 2013. His housemate Sassy was on her way to the dog pound before Samantha met her on another course with John in 2010.  Also known as ‘Ryan’s Daughter’ Sassy was awarded her championship title in 2014 and was the IKC Top Working Trials dog 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Samantha currently shares her home with eight dogs. Three collies, two Shepherd crosses, a Border Terrier, a Cockapoo, and an unexpected blessing!