Possessiveness also known as resource guarding – what does it mean?

Over the last few days, I have received phone call from concerned owners whose dogs are displaying aggression. The common factor in all cases was the dog displayed aggression when the owner was trying to remove something from the dog. Dogs are very curious animals and love to explore novel items by holding them in … Read more

Click and Collect……not for Pets!

Q1. How is PetBond so different to other sites? We are very unique, and are a dedicated website where people can now safely visit and meet their next new pet with peace of mind. We are designed and managed by a team of experienced and caring vets who have pet health and welfare at the … Read more

Crate Training or Not?

Samantha Rawson CAAB. The Canine College. In times past dogs were curtailed to the kitchen. Modern living seems to promote and favour open plan living, however this is not always conducive to the training and management of your family dog.  A house with doors and segregated areas make it much easier to control the movement … Read more

Love you to Death. How we hurt animals we cherish?

I must have been about four when we drove to buy a dog. The day is now only a haze of Sunday afternoon impressions of rain and green, of the muddy track somewhere in the Stirlingshire countryside, a room, a log fire, and the two chosen puppies who would be the confidants of my growing … Read more

Pets not Prescriptions

Now more so than ever, has the demand for pets increased. Primarily puppies and pet dogs, and this is a very interesting time in most societies when we look at some of the reasons why? Is it boredom, is it about having another project to focus on, or are we actually becoming as a society … Read more

Pause Dogs & Puppies

As time evolves, without a doubt we have all seen the importance of dogs and puppies in our lives increase. There is a greater human animal bond now more than we have ever seen in our civilisation. Is this down to the increased ‘humanisation” of pets, or has the advent of technology and the internet … Read more

Cats and Coronavirus…..The Facts.

In the past 5 months, the word “Coronavirus” has dominated our thoughts and conversations across the globe, not only relative to humans, but also regarding pets. This week we heard about the first confirmed case of “Wuhan” Coronavirus being isolated in a British domestic cat, which has understandably created some anxiety amongst cat owners across … Read more


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Minder Needed for Older Dog with Very Specific Needs

Hello! As you can see I’m a small terrier girl (Scots Terrier x Jack Russell) and am 9 years old. My life up to recently hasn’t been so great. I was adopted from the pound when I was about 2; then moved around new locations over the next four years; then surrendered to a rescue … Read more

Leaving Lockdown without our Canine Companions

We have faced our first pandemic and have enjoyed lots of time at home with our dogs. Some quiet, introverted dogs may have found a busy household overwhelming and will enjoy the peace and quiet as the family returns to work and their lives beyond the home. Other sociable extravert type dogs may miss the … Read more