Celebrity Couple & Where to Source a Puppy Online!

by PetBond Veterinary Surgeon

In recent days it has emerged that “Mr. Chai” the little Pomeranian puppy recently welcomed into the lives of celebrity couple Tommy Fury & Molly Mae Hague has tragically died.

Mr. Chai was sourced from a breeder in Russia, and then transported to Manchester in the United Kingdom. However, within 2 days of arrival, Mr. Chai began to show signs of illness and had to be hospitalised at a local veterinary centre. Despite the best medical treatments and care, Mr. Chai unfortunately died soon after. Recent post mortem suggestions indicate that the Pomeranian suffered from a significantly low White Blood Cell count coupled with a congenital deformity of his skull. These conditions resulted in seizures developing and ultimately in the demise of Mr. Chai.

The sudden loss of Mr. Chai came as a huge upset to the celebrity couple who initially met on TV’s infamous Love Island production of 2019. The released social media posts and videos highlighting their pain at the sudden and tragic loss of their beloved Pomeranian puppy. Many people have directly challenged the couple to see how and where they sourced their puppy online, given the enormous perils and dangers to pet health & welfare when doing so. It has transpired that a breeder in Russia trading under the name of “Tiffany puppies” willingly exported Mr. Chai to the UK, under the premise that he was perfectly healthy at the time of doing so.  Regardless, the stress of such a long journey on such a young animal is highly significant.

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Despite the widespread criticism of the young celebrity couple, it is a time of tragedy for them both. The loss of a pet has a huge emotional impact on us all, and this should not be underestimated. New learnings must always be taken from old happenings, and we must all re-focus the lens as a society on how we look at finding a new pet. They are caring, intelligent sentient beings that deserve respect. We need to collectively embrace these facts, and to demand the highest standards from everyone involved in that process.