Fostering a dog has proven to drastically reduce loneliness and depression

by Tim Kirby

“Tim, I would really love a dog for the children, but I’m so nervous as I’ve never had a dog before, what if something awful happens, maybe I’m safer not to get one” uttered Paula’s quivering voice down the phone to me last January.

I replied, “Yes Paula, you can choose to deny yourself and your children the unconditional and true joy which a pet brings, or you can foster a dog”.

After a brief pause, I explained to Paula that fostering a pet brings so many benefits and positive changes to a household, not only for the pet, but also for the people who become foster parents. If you are someone who is somewhat nervous about trying something new, or maybe lacking in confidence to make that long term commitment to pet adoption or ownership straight away, then why not try fostering a dog first!

Pet fostering is where you welcome a rescue centre pet to your home for a trial period, basically to see how well you both get on. If you both are compatible, a longer term bond may develop between you both.

Did you know that fostering a dog has proven to drastically reduce loneliness and depression.