Breeders & Rescues

Why a Petbond approved breeder is the best option if you wish to securely buy a pet?


We know that 4 in every 5 people who decide to source a new pet, choose to buy a puppy or kitten. In this digital age, finding a new pet should be as robust as possible, protecting the welfare of all pets & people involved. This is why Petbond only works with it’s safe, ethical & trusted approved breeders, who have pet welfare at heart. In doing so, we give you and your pet the best.

We welcome:

  • Irish kennel club breeders & non pedigree breeders, who meet our veterinary health & pet welfare standards.
  • People who may breed one or 2 litters and wish to safely find trustworthy homes for their pets.
  • Breeders who want to deal with caring members of the public genuinely looking to meet a beloved friend for life.

Rescue Centre Partners


At Petbond, our goal is to ensure that every pet currently in rescue centres across the island of Ireland finds a loving home as quickly as possible. Every pet deserves a second chance in life, and we work closely with the best rescue centres in Ireland, in achieving this. Our mission is to create a society where no pet should be abandoned, neglected or find itself in a rescue centre.

We welcome registered rescue centres:

  • Who demonstrate good governance as outlined under Section 14 (1)(i) of the Charities Act 2009
  • That demonstrates outstanding compassion & empathy to pets in their care, to the highest of animal welfare standards.
  • Who demonstrate compliance with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the public.

Paw For Paw


Prioritising animal welfare is at the core of PetBond, and we’re in business to improve lives. For every pet you safely source through Petbond, we donate a free life saving vaccine to another pet in need. Your social impact grows every time you choose PetBond & read more about this in our Paw4Paw page.

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