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Why a Petbond approved breeder is the best option if you wish to securely buy a pet?


We know that 4 in every 5 people who decide to source a new dog, choose to buy a puppy.

• 1 in 3 of all puppies sourced through other websites either die, or become very ill during their first year of life

,• 1/3 of all people who sourced a puppy through other websites found the experience to be emotionally traumatic

• 1 in 4 people who bought their puppy from other websites believed it was from a puppy farmer 

……………….Do you want to risk it?

 Petbond vets have revolutionised these problems by only working with safe, ethical & trusted approved breeders, who have pet welfare at heart. We get to know all about our breeders as people, and their pets, before they appear on our website.

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Rescue Centre Partners


At Petbond, our goal is to Prevent animal cruelty from happening. It is not normal for pets to end up in rescue centres, and this is why we prevent problems at the source. We are proactive. For the poor animals that do however unfortunately end up in rescue centres, we work harder than anyone to find them a new home as quickly as we can. 

We encourage all rescues to sign upto the Association of Dogs & Cats Homes (ADCH) which promotes best practice in animal welfare through dog & cat rescue & rehoming organisations.

Our mission is to create a society where no pet should be abandoned, neglected or find itself in a rescue centre.

We welcome registered rescue centres:



For every pet sourced through the ground breaking Petbond website, we in turn, donate a free life saving vaccine to another pet in need. This vaccine will save not only the life of a pet, but also impact the lives of people living in the community around the pet as this video shows.

Thank You for making this happen, by choosing Petbond.

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