Leaving Lockdown without our Canine Companions

We have faced our first pandemic and have enjoyed lots of time at home with our dogs. Some quiet, introverted dogs may have found a busy household overwhelming and will enjoy the peace and quiet as the family returns to work and their lives beyond the home. Other sociable extravert type dogs may miss the … Read more

PetBond founder Tim Kirby Features on 2FM’s Mullet Mix

https://petbond.ie/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/MulletMix2FM.mp4 PetBond found Dr Tim Kirby chats with Jennifer Zamparelli and tells her all about PetBond and why sourcing a pet from PetBond is the ethical choice.

Extra.ie Features PetBond Founder

Irish vet warns dangers of dodgy dog breeders following death of Tommy and Molly-Mae’s puppy https://extra.ie/2020/06/06/news/real-life/vet-dog-puppy-breeders-tommy-molly-mae-petbond

Celebrity Couple & Where to Source a Puppy Online!

In recent days it has emerged that “Mr. Chai” the little Pomeranian puppy recently welcomed into the lives of celebrity couple Tommy Fury & Molly Mae Hague has tragically died. Mr. Chai was sourced from a breeder in Russia, and then transported to Manchester in the United Kingdom. However, within 2 days of arrival, Mr. … Read more

Puppies Smuggled into Ireland for Re-Sale

Gardaí at Dublin Port have questioned two people caught bringing 26 puppies and 12 adult dogs into the country. Several of the animals were in poor health or underfed, leading gardaí to seize them and hand them over to the DSPCA. The dogs were discovered on Sunday evening by the Garda immigration Unit following a … Read more

House Training a Puppy

The goal of house training is to teach your puppy to associate the relief of emptying his bladder with a particular place that you have chosen. How long does house training take? This can vary a lot between different dogs do there are no hard and fast rules. Realistically it can take up to six … Read more

Top 10 Grooming Tips by Deirdre Ryan

  1. Manage your expectations! What your dog will tolerate at the groomers may be not what they tolerate at home. At the groomers, they are in different territory, and the groomer is in position of authority. 2. Start when your dog is tired and content. Have a helping extra hand and plenty of really … Read more