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Carole Baskin

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Carole is a beautiful, affectionate, female cat, approximately 12 months old. She loves company and naps.

  • Adoption
  • Dublin
  • n/a
  • Young
  • DOB: 30/09/2019
  • Female
  • Small
  • n/a
  • Not Vaccinated
  • No microchip

Breeder Profile


This beautiful, affectionate young cat seems to have gotten lost and we have been feeding her outside for three/four weeks now. She is about 10/11 months old and not micro-chipped. This is a rental property and pets are not permitted. As we cannot find her owner we had to come to Pet Bond to try to find her a forever home. She deserves a home where she can stay indoors as the weather gets colder. We called her Carole :)

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  • No microchip

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The people currently feeding her cannot keep her or have her indoors and are concerned about how she will manage in the winter months. She is in the Beaumont area.

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