We need to find a new home for Doris. She and her litter mate have not been getting on. We feel that it’s better for both pups to be separated before the rivalry becomes a problem.
They are perfectly well behaved apart and are really fine together most of the time. They are playing together but then the dominant streak appears and they fight with each other.
As terriers and sisters this rivalry could get worse and we feel the only way to be sure this doesn’t develop into a problem is to find Doris a new loving home.



GLEN OF IMAAL TERRIER- FEMALE native Irish terrier


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  • Wexford
  • Gen of Imaal Terrier
  • DOB: 28/04/2021
  • Female
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Beautiful wheaten Glen of Imaal terrier puppy.
‘Doris’ is a beautiful wheaten Glen of Imaal terrier puppy. She’s full of life and hugely affectionate. loves people and is very easygoing. Travels well and would make an excellent pet for a family or anyone for that matter.

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