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A Little About Me

We own, love, and occasionally breed long-coated black German Shepherd Dogs from an old English line that was brought over to Ireland from the UK in the late 80s/early90s. The founding father of this line was a magnificent, huge, straight-backed GSD called Brave Sir Lancelot. We owned one of his daughters, then a granddaughter, and now a great granddaughter. This line of GSDs is renowned for their sweet, gentle nature. They make first-class family dogs, and are ideal both for a first-time owner, and more experienced GSD fans. Whilst they will bark at strangers, and they have a huge bark, they will do no harm to anyone. They are wonderful with children, they are easy to train, they are strikingly beautiful in appearance. Our last couple of GSDs were scent-detection dogs for a State agency, and there are therapy dogs further back in their lineage. So, they are a rare combination of good workers with some drive, but not so pushy as to present an inexperienced owner with too much of a handful, along with their wonderful, kindly disposition. I am a certified dog behaviourist, and I take huge pride in not only producing puppies that have great breeding, but also ensuring that our pups are effectively and gently habituated to life as a pet dog, and socialised with as wide a range of humans and animals as possible. We adhere to techniques that are research-led and are proven to produce happy, steady, "bombproof", emotionally robust, easy-to-train, gentle adult dogs. Our dogs live inside our home as treasured members of our family. They are polite, clean and easy company around the house. Pups are reared in our kitchen, so that they are constantly learning how to live inside the home environment. They receive appropriate amounts of gentle handling from the day they're born, and we begin the housetraining process as soon as they can walk. We invite people of all ages to our home regularly so that the pups get used to, and enjoy the company of visitors. We gently expose our pups from early on to all sorts of new things such as travelling in the car, watching traffic, meeting other animals including other dogs, equines, and the free-range poultry that live here too; loud noises including gunshots and fireworks; household noises including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, strimmers; they are habituated to hairdryers, grooming, and the handling they'll get with the vet and groomers throughout their lives, and much more. By the time they're ready to leave us, they have even some obedience training, and they are well on the road to being housetrained, and learning bite inhibition. You will have heard that it's best to source your new pup from a reputable source, and we strive to go above and beyond to make sure that you get a super, steady, easygoing pup from us who you will cherish for the rest of its life. Indeed, we insist on taking any of our pups back, no matter what age they're at, should you not be able to care for them any longer for any reason. We're always available to support and help you with the dog should you need it. Our pups are intended as indoor, pet dogs, and should you want to do some more specialised training such as obedience, agility, scentwork, therapy/hospital visits with them, they're ideal. GSDs are exceptionally loyal, loving dogs, and this line brings those traits to the next level! They love to be with you, and like all dogs, they do become anxious if left alone or left outside for long periods. We're looking for homes that befit and do justice to the amount of work that goes into our pups before they leave us. You will be rewarded with a Dog of a Lifetime!

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Full Profile

I have a long-planned litter of pups available for first-class new homes. They come from the Brave Sir Lancelot line of huge, long-coated, black GSDs, very much famed for producing beautiful looking, but also kindly and reliable dogs with a very trustworthy temperament. There are both therapy dogs and working scent-detection dogs in their lineage, but first and foremost, they make the very best family pets.
No effort nor expense has been spared to produce these fantastic family pets to the highest level. They are great with all people but particularly with kids, and are ideal if you’re looking for a bigger dog to share your home and heart with!
These super pups have been raised inside my home, and are well on the road to being housetrained. They have been carefully and extensively socialised and habituated to ensure that you get a pup that is emotionally secure and ready for you to take up where I leave off: these pups are much further along developmentally than other pups of the same age, because they’ve had so much work put into them since the day they were born. They are very much used to household noises and activities, they have met many different people of all ages, they have been handled and groomed, they have been raised around chickens, turkeys and geese, they have spent time with other adult dogs, they have been brought for regular trips in the car to busy places where they can safely watch the world go by, they have even had some early obedience training!
I’m looking for homes that intend to keep the pup as an indoor family pet who they’ll love for the rest of his life. These pups thrive on social contact and are very deeply loyal and affectionate, even when they grow into 40kg+ adults! They are easy company inside the home because of their kind, biddable and steady temperament.

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