Olaf is a 7 years old bichon frise, neutered


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  • Adoption
  • Dublin
  • Bichon Frise
  • DOB: 13/04/2014
  • Male
  • Small
  • Vaccinated
  • 900032002398483

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  • 900032002398483

Full Profile

Olaf is a 7 years old bichon frise, neutered. He’s house trained and he does not jump onto furniture unless you allow him to do so. He is a very good dog and very good company. He loves to follow you around, cuddle at your feet and sleep in the same room as you do. He also loves to play, chew his toys, and have daily strolls. He’s an affectionate dog and he’ll be a very good companion. He loves a garden but he prefers to be inside the house with you.

He’s been with us since he was a puppy, but sadly we have to move and he’s not allowed to come with us, even though we have tried to arrange something for him. For that reason, we would like him to live in a carrying household until his final days.

He’s good around other dogs and also cats, but he has always been the only pet in our house.

He has all of his vaccines up to date (last vaccines on September 2021). He’s in a good health, but he has to eat digestive care dog food because his stomach can get upset.

We can give you all of his belongings, such as his lead, bowls, toys, nail clipper, car harness, bed, etc

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    Good with Children

    Good with other pets

    House Trained