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Afghan Hound


Afghanistan PATRONAGE Great Britain.

General Appearance

Gives the impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and power. Head held proudly.


Ideal height at the withers Males 68 – 74 cms. Females 63 – 69 cms.


Long and very fine texture on ribs, fore and hindquarters and flanks. In mature dogs from shoulder backwards and along the saddle, hair short and close. Hair long from forehead backwards, with a distinct silky “top-knot “. On the foreface hair short. Ears and legs well coated. Pasterns can be bare. Coat must develop naturally. Any evidence of clipping or scissoring should be penalized.

All colours acceptable.

Behaviour & Temperment

Eastern or Oriental expression is typical of breed. The Afghan looks at and through one. Dignified and aloof, with a certain keen fierceness.

Breed Movement

Smooth and springy with a style of high order.