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General Appearance

Large-sized dog, sturdily built, well balanced and with much substance; secondary sex characteristics strongly marked, with high nobility and dignity in modesty; constitution tough.


Height at the withers Dogs 67 cm, bitches 61 cm. There is a tolerance of 3 cm more or less.


Outer coat harsh and straight, undercoat soft and dense; the withers and the rump are covered with slightly longer hair; the hair on tail is longer than on the rest of the body.

Red fawn, sesame (red fawn hairs with black tips), brindle and white. All the above mentioned colours except white must have « urajiro ». (Urajiro = whitish coat on the sides of the muzzle, on the cheeks, on the underside of jaw, neck, chest, body and tail and on the inside of the legs).

Behaviour & Temperment

The temperament is composed, faithful, docile and receptive.

Important Proportions

The ratio of height at withers to length of body (from the point of the shoulders to the point of the buttock) is 10 11, but the body is slightly longer in bitches than in dogs.

Breed Movement

Resilient and powerful movement.