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Central Africa. PATRONAGE Great Britain.

General Appearance

Lightly built, finely boned aristocratic looking animal, high on legs compared with its length, always poised, alert and intelligent. Wrinkled head, with pricked ears, proudly carried on a well arched neck. Deep brisket runs up into a definite waist, tail tightly curled presenting a picture of a well balanced dog of gazelle-like grace.


Ideal height dogs 43 cm (17 ins) at withers, bitches 40 cm (16 ins) at withers.
Ideal weight dogs 11 kg (24 lbs), bitches 9 1/2 kg (21 lbs).


Short, sleek and close, very fine.

Pure black and white; red and white; black and tan, and white with melon pips and tan markings on muzzle and cheeks; black; tan and white; brindle red background with black stripes, the more clearly defined the stripes the better. The white should be on the feet, chest and tail tip. White legs, blaze and white collar optional.

Behaviour & Temperment

Barkless but not mute, its own special noise a mixture of a chortle and a yodel. Remarkable for its cleanliness in every way. An intelligent, independent, but affectionate and alert breed. Can be aloof with strangers.

Important Proportions

Distance from top of head to stop slightly more than from stop to tip of nose.

Breed Movement

Legs carried straight forward with a swift, long, tireless, swinging stride.