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Bedlington Terrier


Great Britain.

General Appearance

A graceful, lithe, muscular dog, with no signs of either weakness or coarseness. Whole head pear or wedge-shaped, and expression in repose mild and gentle.


Height at the withers About 41 cms. This allows for slight variation below in the case of a bitch and above in the case of a dog.
Weight Between 8 -10 kgs.


Very distinctive. Thick and linty, standing well out from skin, but not wiry. A distinct tendency to twist, particularly on head and face.

Blue, liver, or sandy with or without tan. Darker pigment to be encouraged.

Behaviour & Temperment

Spirited and game, full of confidence.An intelligent companion with strong sporting instincts. Good-tempered, having an affectionate nature, dignified, not shy or nervous. Mild in repose but full of courage when roused.

Important Proportions

Body slightly greater in length than height.

Breed Movement

Capable of galloping at high speed and have appearance of being able to do so. Action very distinctive, rather mincing, light and springy in slower paces and slight roll when in full stride.