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General Appearance

Dog of aristocratic appearance, of large size, of lean and at the same time robust constitution, of a very slightly elongated construction. Females are generally longer than males. Strong bone structure but not massive. The bones are rather flat. Muscles lean, well developed, especially on the thighs, but not showing in relief. Harmony of form and movement is of prime importance.


Desirable height at the withers dogs 75 – 85 cm, bitches 68 – 78 cm. In males, the height at the withers is equal or barely superior to that from the summit of the croup to the ground. In females, these heights are equal. Subjects exceeding the maximum height are acceptable provided the typical morphology is preserved.


Silky, soft and supple, wavy or forming short curls, but never small tight curls. On the head, the ears and the limbs, the hair is satiny (silky but heavier), short, close lying. On the body, the hair is quite long, wavy; on the regions of the shoulder blades and the croup, the hair forms finer curls; on the ribs and thighs, the hair is shorter; the hair which forms the fringes, the breeches and the feathering of the tail is longer. The coat on the neck is dense and abundant.

All colour combinations, but never with blue, brown (chocolate) and any derivatives of these colours. All the colours may be solid or pied. The fringes, « breeches », featherings of the tail are considerably lighter than the ground colour. For the overlaid colours a black mask is typical.

Behaviour & Temperment

In its everyday life the Borzoi has a quiet and balanced character. At the sight of game it gets suddenly excited. It has a piercing sight, capable of seeing very far. Its reaction is impetuous.

Important Proportions

  • In males the height at the withers is equal or barely superior to that from the summit of the croup to the ground.
  • In females these two heights are equal.
  • The height at the withers must be slightly inferior to the length of the body.
  • The depth of the chest is approximately equal to half the height at the withers.
  • The length of the muzzle, from the stop to the tip of the nose, is equal or slightly superior to that of the skull, from the occiput to the stop.

Breed Movement

When not hunting, the typical gait of the Borzoi is the extended trot, effortless, very supple and lifting; when hunting the charging gallop is extremely fast, with leaps of great length.