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Brussels Griffon



General Appearance

Griffon of medium size, receptive and very determined. Rather stocky and well proportioned.


Height at withers Males from 50 cm to 55 cm. Females from 48 cm to 53 cm. With a tolerance of 1 cm more or less.


Long without exaggeration, sometimes bushy, harsh to the touch; undercoat well furnished; the belly and the inside of the thighs must not be bare; eyebrows well pronounced but not covering the eye.

Black with white spotting (white and black). Black with tan markings (black and tan). Black with light tan markings. Fawn with white spotting (white and orange). Fawn with black mantle and white spotting (tricolour). Fawn with black overlay. Pale fawn with black overlay and white spotting. Pale fawn with black overlay. Traditional names hare colour, wolf colour, badger colour or wild boar colour.

Behaviour & Temperment

Behaviour Fine nose; fast dog with pleasant voice, does not refuse bramble; very nimble on rough terrain, hunts rather with nose to the wind. Temperament It takes a lot of initiative, has stamina and is robust. It must be equally good at working a cold track, at starting game and at driving it. The Briquet is a passionate hunter; it is up to his master to make im obey.

Breed Movement

Active and supple, not jerky nor bouncy.