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Great Britain.

General Appearance

Powerful build, symmetrical, showing great strength, but not cumbersome; sound and active.


Height at the withers Males 64 – 69 cms. Females 61 – 66 cms.
Weight Males 50 – 59 kgs. Females 41 – 50 kgs.


Short and hard, weather-resistant, lying flat to body. Long, silky or woolly coats highly undesirable.

Any shade of brindle, fawn or red; colour to be pure and clear. A slight white marking on chest permissible. Other white markings undesirable. Black muzzle essential, toning off towards eyes, with dark markings around eyes contributing to expression.

Behaviour & Temperment

Powerful; enduring, active and reliable. High-spirited, alert and faithful.

Breed Movement

Movement indicates power and sense of purpose. When moving straight neither front nor hind legs should cross or plait, right front and left rear leg rising and falling at same time. A firm backline unimpaired by powerful thrust from hindlegs denoting a balanced and harmonious movement.