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General Appearance

This dog has a compact body. Of great importance is the fact that his skull is apple-shaped and that he carries his moderately long tail very high, either curved or forming the shape of a semicircle with the tip pointing towards the loin region.


In this breed only the weight is taken into consideration, not the height. Weight Ideal weight between 1.5 and 3 kgs. Weight between 500 gr. and 1.5 kgs tolerated. Subjects weighing less than 500 gr and more than 3 kg shall be disqualified.


In this breed there are two varieties of coat.

  • Smooth-haired Coat is short, lying close all over body. If there is an undercoat, the hair is somewhat longer; sparse coat on throat and belly permissible; slightly longer on neck and tail, short on face and ears. Coat is glossy and its texture is soft. Hairless dogs are not tolerated.
  • Longed-haired Coat should be fine and silky, smooth or slightly wavy. Not too thick undercoat desired. Coat is longer, forming feathering on ears, neck, rear of front and hind legs, on feet and on tail. Dogs with long billowing coat will not be accepted.

All colours in all possible shades and combinations are admitted, except merle colour.

Behaviour & Temperment

Quick, alert, lively and very courageous.

Important Proportions

Length of body slightly greater than height at withers. Desired, however, is an almost square body, especially in males. In bitches, because of the function of reproduction, a slightly longer body is permitted.

Breed Movement

Steps are long, springy, energetic and active with good reach and drive. Seen from rear, hind legs should move almost parallel to each other, so that the footprints of the hind feet fit directly into those of the front feet. With increasing speed, the limbs show a tendency to converge towards the median plane (single track). Movement remains free and springy without visible effort, head raised and back firm.