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Chinese Crested


China PATRONAGE Great Britain.

General Appearance

A small, active and graceful dog; medium-to fine-boned, smooth hairless body, with hair on feet, head and tail only; or covered with a soft veil of hair. Two distinct types of this breed Deer type, racy and fine-boned, and Cobby type, heavier in body and bone.


Ideal height at the withers Males 28-33 cms. Females 23–30 cms.


No large patches of hair anywhere on body. A long and flowing crest preferred, but sparse acceptable; ideally beginning at stop tapering off down neck. In Powder Puffs coat consists of an undercoat with soft veil of long hair, veil coat a feature.

Any colour or combination of colours.

Behaviour & Temperment

Happy, never vicious.

Breed Movement

Long, flowing and elegant with good reach and plenty of drive.