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Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier



General Appearance

Medium sized with medium length coat, great strength with the impression of maximum substance for the size of the dog.


Height at the withers Dogs 14 inches (35,5 cm) is the maximum. Bitches accordingly less.
Weight Dogs 35 lbs (16kg). Bitches accordingly less.


Medium length, of harsh texture with soft undercoat. Coat may be tidied to present a neat outline.


  • Blue brindle but not toning to black.
  • Wheaten, from a light wheaten colour to a golden reddish shade.
  • Puppies may be born coloured Blue, Wheaten, or Reddish. Lighter coloured pups usually have an inky blue mask, and there may also be a streak of Blue down the back, on the tail, and on the ears. The darker markings will clear with maturity.

Behaviour & Temperment

Active, agile and silent when working. Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile, who oozes personality; his loyal and affectionate nature makes him a very acceptable house dog and companion. The Irish Glen of Imaal is said to be less easily excited than other terriers, though he is always ready to give chase when called on.

Important Proportions

  • Body longer than high and low to the ground.

Breed Movement

Free, not hackneyed. Covers ground effortlessly with good drive behind.