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Italian Greyhound



General Appearance

Of slender appearance, its body fits into a square. Although of a small size, it fully characterises a miniature sighthound; the prototype of refinement and elegance. May be considered as a model of grace and distinction.


Height at the withers Males and females from 32 to 38 cms.
Weight Males and females maximum 5 kgs.


The hair is short, silky and fine all over the body without the slightest trace of fringes.

Self-coloured in black, grey, and isabella (pale yellowish/beige) in all possible shades. White is tolerated only on the chest and feet.

Behaviour & Temperment

Lively, affectionate, docile.

Important Proportions

Its length is equal to or only just inferior to the height at the withers. Length of skull is equal to half the length of the head. Length of head can reach 40% of the height at the withers.

Breed Movement

Springy, harmonious, slightly raised trot, covering the ground. This means that the front legs must be moved forward with good reach and with slightly lifted and bent pasterns. Gallop fast with sharp spring.