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Maltese terrier


Central Mediterranean Area. PATRONAGE Italy.

General Appearance

Of small size, longish body. Covered by a very long white coat, very elegant with a proud and distinguished head carriage.


Height at the withers Males from 21 to 25 cm. Females from 20 to 23 cm.
Weight 3 to 4 kg.


Dense, shiny, glossy – falling heavily and of a silky texture, very long on the whole of the body and straight throughout its length without traces of waves or curls. On the trunk it should be longer than the height at the withers and fall heavily back to the ground like a cape fitting close to the trunk without opening or forming tufts or flocks. Tufts or flocks are acceptable on the forequarters from the elbow to the foot, and on the hindquarters, from the stifle to the foot. There is no undercoat. On the head the coat is very long, as much on the foreface, where it mingles with the beard, also on the skull where it falls eventually mingling with the hair covering the ears. On the tail, the hairs fall back to one side of the body, i.e. on the flank and on the thigh, of such length as to reach the hock.

Pure white; a pale ivory tinge is permitted. Traces of pale orange shades are tolerated but not desirable and constitute an imperfection.

Behaviour & Temperment

Lively, affectionate, very docile and very intelligent.

Important Proportions

Length of body exceeds by about 38% the height at the withers. The length of the head is equal to 6/11 of the height at withers.

Breed Movement

Even, skimming the ground, free, with short and very quick steps at the trot.