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Parson Russel Terrier


Great Britain.

General Appearance

Workmanlike, active and agile, without exaggeration. Built for stamina and endurance, overall picture of balance and flexibility. Honourable scars permissible.


Height at the withers Males Ideal height 36 cms. Females Ideal height 33 cms. Most importantly soundness and balance should be maintained whilst taking into account that this terrier, bred to work fox, should be capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average sized hands. With these provisos, lower heights are acceptable, however.


Whether rough, broken or smooth naturally harsh, flat, straight, close and dense with good undercoat. Weather-resistant. Belly and undersides coated. The prepared (i.e. trimmed) coat should appear natural, never clipped.

White or predominantly white with tan, lemon or black markings, or any combination of these colours. The colour preferably confined to the head and/or root of tail, but a little body colour is acceptable.

Behaviour & Temperment

Originally a terrier bred to work fox, a confident, energetic and happy dog that has the ability and conformation to go to ground. Bold and friendly.

Important Proportions

Well balanced. Overall length from point of shoulder to point of buttock slightly longer than height from withers to ground. Length from nose to stop slightly shorter than from stop to occiput.

Breed Movement

Free-striding, ground covering gait, without exaggeration. Strides should be of good length, never stilted or high-stepping. Hindquarters providing plenty of drive. Well co-ordinated; straight action front and behind.