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China. PATRONAGE Great Britain.

General Appearance

Leonine in appearance with alert and intelligent expression. Small, well balanced, moderately thick-set with great dignity and quality. Any signs of respiratory distress for any reason or inability to move soundly are unacceptable and should be heavily penalised. Not excessively coated.


Ideal weight not exceeding 5 kg for males and 5.4 females. Dogs should look small but be surprisingly heavy when picked up; heavy bone and a sturdy well-built body are essentials of the breed.


Moderately long, straight with mane, not extending beyond shoulders, forming a cape around neck. Top coat coarse with thick, softer undercoat. Feathering on ears, back of legs, tail and toes. Length and volume of coat should neither impair the activity of the dog nor obscure the shapeliness of body. Excessive coat must be heavily penalised.

All colours and markings are permissible and of equal merit, except albino or liver. Parti-colours evenly broken.

Behaviour & Temperment

Fearless, loyal, aloof, not timid or aggressive.

Breed Movement

Typically slow, dignified rolling gait in front. Typical movement must not be confused with a roll caused by slackness of shoulders or with other indications of unsoundness. Any slackness of shoulders and elbows, and any indications of unsoundness in feet and pasterns to be heavily penalised. Movement not to be hindered by excessive body coat.