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Pointer - German Shorthaired



General Appearance

A dog of noble and balanced appearance, the conformation of which ensures strength, endurance and speed. Proud attitude, smooth outlines, lean head, well carried tail, firm shiny coat and well reaching, harmonious strides emphasize its nobility.


Height at the withers Dogs 62 to 66 cm. Bitches 58 to 63 cm.


Short and dense, rough and hard to the touch. Somewhat thinner and shorter on the head and ears, not remarkably longer at the underside of the tail. Should cover the whole body.


  • Solid brown, without markings.
  • Brown with small white or flecked markings at chest and legs.
  • Dark brown roan, with a brown head, brown patches or specks. The basic colour of such a dog is not brown mixed with white or white with brown, but the coat shows such an even intensive mixture of brown and white which results in that kind of inconspicuous exterior of the dog ever so valuable for the practical hunt. At the inner sides of the hind legs as well as at the tip of the tail the colour is often lighter.
  • Light brown roan with a brown head, brown patches, specks or without patches. In this colouring the brown hairs are fewer, the white hairs are predominant.
  • White with brown head markings, brown patches or specks.
  • Black colour in the same nuances as the brown, respectively the brown roan colours.
  • Yellow tan markings are permissible.
  • Blaze, fleck and speckled flews are permissible.

Behaviour & Temperment

Firm, balanced, reliable, restrained temperament, neither nervous nor shy or aggressive.

Important Proportions

Length of body should slightly exceed height at withers.

Breed Movement

Well extended strides, with forceful propulsion from the hindquarters and adequate reach of the forelimbs. Front and hind legs moving straight and parallel. The dog is carrying himself in a proud attitude. Pacing gait is not desirable.