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By using PetBond’s Deposit System You Benefit

By using PetBond’s Deposit System You Benefit


Sometimes we do not know where to start when choosing a new pet!? When you engage with PetBond’s expert team of vets, we take you through the entire process from start to finish. Together, we discuss all the options based on your life circumstances, and as a team we together choose the best option for you and your pet. Ensuring your pet’s health & welfare is prioritised for it’s entire life is at the core of what we do. Our expert team of professionals are ready to speak so let’s begin the journey!


If you see a puppy which you really like, we advise that you visit the puppy and have a good conversation with our Petbond Approved Breeder. Our breeders truly care about their puppies, and will only allow them go to the best of homes. If successful, you can pay a deposit during or after your puppy viewing through PetBond. In some cases people cannot travel, and still wish to pay a deposit before they see the puppy. Regardless, you can now safely pay a deposit through Petbond which is 100% refundable should you change your mind and decide for whatever reason that you cannot offer that puppy a home! We always want You to be fully comfortable and have peace of mind, which is also always best for pets. As vets, we understand this.


After you meet your new puppy, the Petbond team of vets are here to answer all your queries and support you and your puppy for the rest of it’s lifetime. You have created a special bond which we want help grow into something even more special. By choosing our deposit system, you can avail of our partner offers such as reductions on all pet products and food, better pet insurance policies and free access to our expert helpline for all your pets needs.