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Great Danes are Greatest!

Great Danes are Greatest!

Why Great Danes are so Great.

• Great Danes are exceptionally loyal and loving to their families
• They are exceptionally intelligent dogs
• They have mild shedding coats & don't require much grooming
• Great Danes love to play & interact, are a little clumsy in a good way!

Points to Consider

• Not the best choice for first-time dog owners
• Great Danes are a Giant breed, and need plenty of space to express themselves
• They drool (a lot)
• Can express separation anxiety when left on their own
• Great Danes being a Giant breed have a shorter lifespan than other breeds
• This breed need a lot of exercise

Where did the Great Dane originate?

The Great Dane is the ultimate 'gentle giant' of dog breeds, and as such are popular as family pets and companion dogs not only in Ireland, but throughout the world. They are very kind, playful and fantastic with children of all ages. Great Danes are exceptionally loyal, and want to impress their owner at all times. Great Danes are a very dignified breed, and love to be the heart and soul of family life. They will always to join in, and know a few tricks also. The Great Dane does have a shorter lifespan, however the benefits of this breed are immense.

Records of the Great Dane go back to Ancient Egyptian times, and it is believed that the breed may well have originated in Tibet, as the resemblance to the Tibetan Mastiff is striking. it is believed that the native tribes sold their dogs to Romans and the people of Ancient Greece, whom in turn bred these dogs to breeds such as the Irish Wolfhound and English Mastiff. In fact, the breed have no links to Denmark. By coincidence, a nobleman 'thought' that the Danish weather had modified the appearance of a similar looking breed, and hence decided to name this ancient breed as the 'Great Dane'! The first Great Dane breed club was formed in the UK in the late 19th century, and since then the popularity of the breed has grown and grown.

The accepted breed colours for Kennel Club registration are as follows:
• Black
• Blue
• Brindle
• Fawn
• Harlequin
• Mantle (Black Body with white on Muzzle, Collar and Chest)

Does the Great Dane have a Good Temperament?

Great Danes are well loved for their friendly and outgoing natures. Despite their physical size, they are extremely mild mannered and affectionate dogs that enjoy nothing more than lots of love &attention. Great Danes are a great choice as family pets and companion dogs although care should be taken when these larger than life dogs are around toddlers simply because they may knock a very small child over, albeit by accident.

Is a Great Dane a good choice for a first time dog owner?

A Great Dane is not the best choice for a first time dog owner, simply because they need to be correctly trained and managed by someone who really understands the breed. If not trained correctly as a puppy, these dogs can become unruly and difficult to manage due to their large physical size. They are not aggressive in any way, and are great round children.

Will a Great Dane exhibit Separation Anxiety?

A Great Dane is a sociable pet! They ideally are best suited to a household where someone can be at home all day, as they do get anxious if left alone for long periods. They thrive on company and human interaction, and require mental stimulation at regular intervals to satisfy their high intellectual drive. If boredom sets in, just like in other breeds, they can become destructive in the house as a means of venting energy.

What about prey drive?

Great Danes are social by nature and even more so when they have been well socialised from a young enough age. However, they do have quite a high prey drive and will happily chase smaller animals if they get the chance. Owners should always take great care as to where and when they let their dogs off their leads and should always pay special attention to the "recall" command when training a Great Dane and it’s a command that should be reinforced throughout a dog’s life.

Is a Great Dane suited to apartment living?

Great Danes are large dogs that need to have enough space to express themselves as they should. Therefore, they are not the best choice for people who live in smaller apartments or houses, but are quite happy to live in towns providing their owners have large, secure back gardens for their pets to romp in whenever they can. Also, if you have a car and plan to carry your Great Dane around, make sure it's bog enough and a ramp may be a good addition.

Will a Great Dane be difficult to train?

The key to successfully training a Great Dane is for puppies to be extremely well socialised as soon as they are fully vaccinated and to use positive reinforcement methods because like many other breeds Great Danes do not respond well to harsher training methods. Owners must set ground rules for puppies so they understand what is expected of them, bearing in mind that a young Great Dane will always tests these from time to time.

Will a Great Dane be safe with Children & Other Pets?

Great Danes are known to get on well with children and are known to have a real affinity with kids of all ages, but due to their large size any interaction between dogs and children should be supervised. It is easy for such a large dog to knock over a small child, who in turn could frighten the dog as a result.Great Danes rarely show any aggression, and are compatible with cats once they have grown up together.