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Pause Dogs & Puppies

Pause Dogs & Puppies

As time evolves, without a doubt we have all seen the importance of dogs and puppies in our lives increase. There is a greater human animal bond now more than we have ever seen in our civilisation. Is this down to the increased 'humanisation" of pets, or has the advent of technology and the internet just allowed us to really highlight this more. Did our predecessors in fact love dogs and puppies as much, or are we merely more vocal about our affection for pets?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, a new world order is being sampled. Some query if this is even for the good of mankind, and also for dogs and most domesticated species. We do need a new equilibrium without doubt, as the ravages of global warming and the growing polarisation of society increases ie 'rich getting richer, while poor get poorer' more pronounced than ever. These fractures in society do permeate down into our daily lives as individuals, and especially into our thought process and actions. Is the greater demand for puppies and dogs now driven by our human need for a more rational non judgmental species during some of the most trying times in humanity, or is the need being fuelled by some that 'market' dogs and puppies as another 'commodity' as opposed to intelligent, loving sentient creatures?

Dogs are without doubt one of the most loyal, caring and loving species that has ever existed. In the wild, their prey and maternal instinct always ensured their survival as a species. Today, these same instincts also ensure that dogs survive albeit in a different world from that in which they originated. As dogs are a domesticated species, we rely on ethical dog breeders to ensure that the maternal drive and care of dogs is respected and upheld. As sentient creatures, this is a highly responsible duty of care for any dog breeder and one that requires a lot of care and attention. Such dog breeders that respect and realise this invest a lot of time and care in their dogs, as they realise the importance of this for the puppies that ensue. The right start in life for puppies will minimise any risk to their health and welfare, and optimise their chances for a happy life. We nowadays see so many online websites that offer dogs for sale, or puppies for sale with little or no regard for the fact that puppies are sentient living creatures, that deserve so much more than just puppies for sale tag on them. It is paramount to make sure that any puppy being advertised for sale, or dog for sale, has come with right start in life which does require work. Is every single puppy not worth this at least? Aren't puppies and dogs the greatest emotional support and comfort to humans so why as a society do we not demand only the highest when it comes to sourcing our beloved friends?

In recent times, there have been waves of postings online of dogs for sale in Ireland or pups for sale without any verification regarding the health or welfare of the puppies, nor the parents of the puppies. Would you accept a car without doing a thorough review? However, 95% of people are satisfied to pay money for a puppy or dog without knowing a single detail about its health or welfare, nor about the most critical period........ the start it had in life! The sight of a 'puppy for sale' advert or classic casual marketing ploys taken from the hum drum school of 'grab your attention and sell at all costs manual' is often enough to dupe people into a situation where cash crosses palms and with a handshake its an un-fortunate done deal on the spot! For many, their puppy will be an emotional crutch during the most trying of times, and as the dog grows and becomes an even more valued family member. Why therefore don't we pause, research and only source from the most respected and professional organisation that deals with dogs and puppies only, and actually ensure that all critical information is approved?

By making these right choices, you will not only ensure that puppies and dogs have the best start in life, you will also be reducing the number of abandoned pets ending up in rescue centres. When you see a dog for sale advert, is it really coming from a genuine dog breeder? Do you know enough, or do you need to rely on a professional organisation that only works with such ethical dog breeders to help you at such an important decision making stage? Your choice is a powerful tool for change.

Petbond is a ground breaking veterinary managed platform that has revolutionised the way in which people can now safely source a new pet online. We leave all the puppy farmers and those who don't care, to others. We make dreams come through by prioritising pet health and welfare. Healthy pets, Happy Homes.