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Pets not Prescriptions

Pets not Prescriptions

Now more so than ever, has the demand for pets increased. Primarily puppies and pet dogs, and this is a very interesting time in most societies when we look at some of the reasons why? Is it boredom, is it about having another project to focus on, or are we actually becoming as a society more affectionate and conscious of pets and what they can offer us in return for our care?

Right across Europe and the USA, there are more demands for puppies for sale and dogs to re-home than has ever been witnessed before. As a backdrop to this is the looming shadow of COVID-19 which has reformed our societies in ways that we are still only sampling. However, what has emerged from this fog is society's greater demand for puppies and dogs. This is without failure one fo the most prominent learnings of these past 6 months, and what does this tell us?

Puppies and dogs without doubt offer unconditional love, and this is immeasurable regardless of the "dog for sale" or "dog wanted" posting that is seen on various sites. Both love for, and being loved by a pet has clear & significant benefits to humans. We can now quantify the physical benefits thanks to sophisticated medial sciences which shows that even stroking a dog or cat will release positive endorphins which counteract anxiety and stress. The joy of laughing and interacting with a pet also triggers the release of Oxytocin and Dopamine from our brains, which has a relaxing effect on our bodies and mind. The net result is a lowering of the heart rate, and a reduction in our blood pressure. These are clear measurable benefits, and all stemming from our beloved pets at no cost........ just a good investment of our time. That sounds like a really good deal you'll agree?

In recent times the issue of some dog breeders and people who exploit their animals by breeding excessively for the sole purpose of profit making has highlighted the darker sides of the puppy industry. "Pups for sale", "puppies for sale" and a whole dictionary and variations of classified adverts has focused peoples minds in carefully asking "where & how" their beloved puppy really came from. Why would anyone want to reply to a "dogs for sale" advert when they have any doubts about the verification and authenticity of such a beautiful puppy? Unfortunately this continues to happen, and the consequences for both the puppies and new pet parents are all too commonly seen, with tragic outcomes.

Sourcing a healthy pet, not only means that it is physically healthy, but also mentally healthy and adequately socialised. A puppy must be socially aware and confident enough to interact as it sees the new world outside the once safe confines of it's mother and litter mates. As humans, the mental heath benefits offered to us by pets are incalculable. We rely and confide in our pets  more than our best human friends, and for many of us our pets are in fact our best friends. We trust them, and they trust us also to do what is best for them. This bond is deep, and it's what connects pets & people at that visceral emotional level. For many suffering from anxiety or any sadness in this fast changing world, a waves of slobbery licks or huggable cuddles from a pet is really more powerful than any medication that comes in a bottle. Unconditional love from a pet is sincere and true, and all they want is the same in return!

We see "dogs for sale" all over Ireland and an equal demand for rescue centre pets, with interest from all four corners of the country. Dogs and puppies are now seen as a ray of hope for many, in times of greatest uncertainty. As humans we realise that dogs and pets are a pure and noble species, and this as a race is what we strive for also. No matter how many "dogs for sale", "puppies for sale" signs we see, we need to really look deeper and make sure that wherever this puppy has come from has done everything they can to offer it the very best start in life. We know that healthy pets make happy homes.

Petbond is groundbreaking veterinary managed website which ensures that people can now source pets with peace of mind. All puppies are sourced from safe, ethical and trusted approved breeders which ensures that pet health and welfare is our Number 1 priority. We care as much as you do, and we worth with vets all across Ireland.