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Click and Collect......not for Pets!

Click and Collect......not for Pets!

Q1. How is PetBond so different to other sites?

We are very unique, and are a dedicated website where people can now safely visit and meet their next new pet with peace of mind. We are designed and managed by a team of experienced and caring vets who have pet health and welfare at the heart of Pet-Bond. This is what we do all day every day, because we care as much about your next pet as you do.

We also make sure that our breeders meet the highest standards, and we are the only website that can ensure this. We know all our breeders, and ensure that you only deal with the best.

Q2. But there are classified websites in Ireland that claim they care about pet welfare?

In recent months we have seen some website closing down temporarily, as a result of so many dogs being sold which were either exceptionally ill, diseased, or stolen. These catastrophic stories of poor puppy health and welfare were allowed to continue for years and most likely will again. Since then, other similar classified websites have stepped in, which also freely allow the most prolific puppy farmers and dealers in Ireland to sell puppies to the public every day of the week on them. You are the victims, and so are your pets. Those websites also charge considerable prices for adverts. Pet health and welfare along with your money and emotions are being abused by those websites and in some cases they are run by people living outside of Ireland who have no respect for pet health or welfare whatsoever.

As vets, we do not tolerate such low standards on Pet- Bond and this is why we thank you for choosing us. Together we make the difference. We are here, before, during and after your source your new pet through Pet-Bond.

Q.3 Does choosing a pet through PetBond mean it’s better for me and my pet?

Absolutely it does! How good is this, at last a credible website in Ireland run by professionals who are here to change the future for the better of pets & people like you.

We ensure that each pet has the best start in life, which means that it is healthy and has been well socialised. As a result, your puppy has the best chance to grow into a healthy adult dog that will be your best friend for life! Puppies that come from other websites where there is no regard for your pets’ health and welfare, are statistically more likely to end up in rescue centres. At Pet bond we help reduce the number of pets ending up in rescue centres, whereas other websites that make false claims and support notorious industrial scale breeders add to the cycle of misery…………at your expense.

When you see the Pet Bond logo, it is a badge of quality supported by the largest professional bodies in Ireland. You can trust us, because we really do care.