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Find a Petbond Recommended Vet

Find a Petbond Recommended Vet

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Our pets need regular visits to Vet Clinics to stay healthy. How often is enough to prevent disease and stay up-to-date on vaccinations? 

With regular visits to your local Vet clinic, your pet can avoid illnesses and costly treatments down the road.

Here are some points to help you determine how often to take them to see the vet: 

  • Young Animals: If your pet is under a year old, they will need a host of required vaccinations to protect them during this vulnerable stage of development. Most young animals will receive vaccines every few weeks until they are about four months old. From heartworm and flea prevention to shots, it’s important to stay diligent during your pet’s first year. 
  • Adult Pets: While care varies depending on the type of animal you have and their specific age, it’s recommended that you visit your vet clinic at least once a year for an exam. During a checkup, your pet will receive a physical, if you have a dog, this is the time to test for heartworms. Shots, like Distemper-parvo and rabies, happen during the first yearly checkup, then every few years after that. 
  • Senior Companion Animals: If you have a senior pet, you should bring them to their veterinarian twice a year. At this time, he or she will receive a physical, and your vet will follow up on any problem areas. Blood and urine tests can tell your vet a lot about critical kidney, liver, and thyroid hormone levels. 

By following these general guidelines, and talking to your local Vet professional, you can determine how often to take your pet to the vet. In the instance of sickness or injury, make sure you visit your Vet clinic right away.