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How It Works

As experienced and caring vets, we know how much you love your dogs. We see you everyday! We also know how much you only want the most caring and loving homes for your puppies. With PetBond, you can now find a great home for every puppy and with pet parents who truly understand your breed. You are at the core of what we do, join up today and leave the paperwork and hassle with us. We want you to spend all your time on doing what you do best – caring & loving your puppies.

Breeders welcome to PetBond

  • Pedigree Irish Kennel Club Breeders who meet Petbond’s highest animal health & welfare standards by testing dam & sire.
  • One-off breeders who really care about the welfare of their pets, and have been approved by PetBond vets.
  • Breeders who realise that PetBond is the first & only verifiable platform that protects all pets & people involved.

Why Use PetBond

  1. Number 1 Choice for Safe, Ethical & Trusted Breeders Petbond is designed and managed by vets, who only have the best interests of your puppy’s health & welfare at heart. We care as much about your pet’s health & welfare as you do, this is why we want to support you.

  2. Find the Very Best Homes for your puppies As vets we meet great breeders like you every-day, and we know how much you only want the very best & most loving homes for your puppies. This is why we ensure that all new pet parents are choosing the right pet and at the right time. This way all pets & people win!

  3. Stand Out as a Petbond Approved Breeder In times where puppy farmers & profiteers thrive on other sites, we stand out from the crowd. Just like you, as a PetBond Approved Breeder, animal health & welfare is our driving force. We are the very best at what we do, and we do it for our pets. As vets we dedicate our lives to animals, and PetBond is committed to you.

  4. Free to Use……….Our Way of Saying Thanks as vets, we appreciate the effort and love you have invested in your dogs & puppies. Having such a great start in life shapes their future, and we know that this is priceless for new pet parents. Our system is hassle free, welcoming to you and as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ for being a distinguished Petbond approved breeder our service is free to use.

What our Breeders have to say about using PetBond

“Our names are Rachel and John and we have a small farm in Kilkenny. We have 3 daughters and 3 fabulous furry family members that are the heart of our home. Recently, we were delighted to have a big litter of Golden Retriever puppies from one of our girls, and with a lot of thought we decided to advertise our puppies on PetBond. It was the best decision we ever made as all our puppies sold to great homes with the help of the PetBond team.

I can’t thank them enough for guiding us through the process. We had a great response from the families looking for a new furry baby to join their families. This is the only way we will do things going forward buying, selling or adopting any animal.”

Martin ……..“Becoming an approved breeder with Petbond has been a great experience. They put me in touch with some nice families, who have provided brilliant homes for my pups and have stayed in touch with pictures and videos making the experience even more special. I could not recommend this service highly enough.”

What our new pet parents say about our Breeders:

“The breeders Petbond had vetted were such lovely people and when we spoke and after a little screening process they were happy we would take good care of Toby. You could tell Toby was very well looked after by the breeder as he was very healthy, chipped, part-vaccinated, well socialised and confident when we got him. The last thing the breeder asked was: ‘If for any reason, anytime in the future you cannot take care of him – promise me you will call me, and I will gladly take him back – I never want him to go to a pound’.  This is the kind of breeder you want to get a puppy from!  We have Toby now almost a week and he is thriving already and already part of the family. It was so worth the wait to find such a happy healthy puppy.

I would recommend Petbond to anyone looking for a pet, – such a fantastic service to man and beast! I must go now and watch the Petbond Instagram Live behavioural training tips video”   Barry & Grace

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