The 1st month guide – caring for your new pet

by Tim Kirby

The first few days in a new home are a really exciting time for both you and your pet. It is natural for a new pet to feel a little confused in such new surroundings, and even a little nervous. However, by making sure that your family or housemates also understand how your pet feels, and what it’s requirements will be, the moving in stage should become a lot easier.

It is always worth performing the following mental run-through before your new pet arrives home…

Consider where your pet will be spending most of it’s time. Do you have a warm, comfortable sleeping place prepared, and as your new arrival may be a little confused, where is this best placed? It is not uncommon for a stressed pet to temporarily forget its already known house training duties, and some toilet “accidents” may happen. Therefore, being prepared and choosing an easy cleanable floor can make that process easier to deal with.

If your pet will spend most of it’s time in certain rooms, make sure that they are safe and any hazards such as ornaments, chewables or carpets are well fastened down, or even removed from the area. Breakable objects should not be within access of your pet, and a swishing tail can also cover a wide area!

Did you realise that, knowingly or not, you will actually begin training your pet from the very first moment you meet! This first interaction starts with words which you use to direct your dog, that also express your in-tentions. Similarly, your body language and tone of voice are immediately observed and reflected upon by your pet. Therefore, make sure that these words are consistent and also used by your housemates when addressing your pet. If a pet is constantly receiving commands where different words & visuals are used all the time, it can very easily confuse them. Therefore, keep it simple, clear and consistent.