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Cockapoo (+ ve) Cockapoos have lovely natures They are highly intelligent and therefore easy to train They have low to non-shedding coats They are energetic and playful They remain puppy-like well into their senior years They are great around children of all ages which makes them wonderful family pets Cockapoos come in all sorts of … Read more

Bichon Frise are Best!

All about Bichons! Bichon (+) Highly adaptable and incredibly cute Playful well into their senior years Bichons are low shedders Highly intelligent and in the right environment easy to train Not high maintenance on the exercise front Often have long life spans with some Bichons living till they 17+ years old Forms strong ties with … Read more

Golden Retriever – Why we Swim

Key Breed Details   Big (+) ·       Golden Retrievers are among the most reliable and trustworthy breeds around ·       Extremely adaptable and fits in with most people’s lifestyles ·       They remain very puppy-like well into their golden years ·       Always eager to please and biddable making them the perfect first dog for novice owners ·       … Read more

 French Bulldog as a Pet

                  Where did the  French Bulldog Breed originate? The French bulldog is believed to have originated as a relative of both the American bulldog and English bulldog. The French bulldog as we see it today, is a descendant from a breed that an ancient Greek tribe know … Read more

Greyhounds as Pets

       What about a Greyhound as a Pet?   Did you know….. Positives ·       Greyhounds are very loyal, loving and devoted dogs ·       They have low maintenance coats ·       They are very good around children ·       They have low shedding coats ·       They are easy to house train ·       In the right hands Greyhounds are … Read more

I’m a gift for life, not a present.

Every doggy like me, needs a loving owner just like you to help us through life. As dogs we have our own features and habits, but essentially we can live together! That’s what makes the bond between humans and dogs so special, we interact and offer one another so much in a two way process. … Read more

Christmas through the Eyes of Dream – Safe doggy Foods!

  Good morning everyone, what an amazing dream I had last night! In it, I could see all of my best friends who are all different dog breeds, and each so different in every way. My dream  was about a doggy event called “bark in the park” which I was at on a gorgeous sunny … Read more

Christmas through the eyes of Dream

The first 8 weeks in my life were critical, so my daddy tells me! My story started in Dublin City centre, where I was the last puppy born into a litter of ten. My mammy was a Staffy, and daddy was a Boxer breed.  We were all different colours, Josh my brother was brindle, Sally … Read more

A bond that saved my life

They say dogs have a way of finding the person that needs them the most. Little did I know when I first heard that statement how very true it was. I believe animals – especially dogs, have the capacity to offer hope where there is nothing but darkness and despair. Whether it be addiction, mental … Read more

Cheer Up the Lonely Today!

At a recent summer show as I strolled along with our beloved dog “rascal”, a stranger approached us and began to feverishly rub rascal’s head with the exuberance of a 5-year-old child. This “man” then asked me all about Rascal and how long we had owned him. As I replied, I noticed how a veil … Read more

Why your Pet is always your best friend!

Need another reason to love your pet? Numerous studies have shown that dogs and cats are good for human health. I’m a passionate advocate for the human-animal bond — that’s not a surprise to anyone. That link between us and our dogs, cats, horses, birds and other pets goes beyond unconditional love and companionship. The … Read more